Welcome to this lousy page

libsieve-php is aiming at being a Sieve [RFC 5228] mail filtering language library. It is written in PHP5. Once finished you'll be able to manage sieve scripts with it. It currently consists of a Sieve script parser that supports some extensions.

Next step will be to implement support for the MANAGESIEVE protocol which will allow you to download scripts from, upload them to and manage them on a server like timsieved. When all that is done I will hack up some interface classes that will enable you to access and modify parsed scripts without the knowledge of the libraries internals.

Current state: ALPHA. Try it, but don't expect it to be comfortable or bug free.

Hack in a Sieve script in the textarea below and try the sieve parser of libsieve-php in action. Note that currently the base spec and the extensions fileinto, envelope, reject, vacation, subaddress, relational, regex, imapflags (draft-03), imap4flags, copy, spamtest, virustest, ereject, editheader, body, variables, date, currentdate, index, environment and notify are supported by the parser. If you find any bugs don't hesitate and report them via the projects bug tracker. I'm especially happy for reports on malformed scripts getting through as well as misleading parser status messages.

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